Osho in UK aims to provide information about where to meditate in the UK and about events related to Osho, his work and his meditations (details). If you have an upcoming event please let us know and we can put up the information. There is also a UK Link page where you can promote your projects, workshops or small businesses. Please contact us here.

And maybe take a few minutes to see the new Osho Quotes page — with photos.

Please note that this is not an interactive or a discussion site — we aim simply to provide information. Anything else gets too complicated and is not the purpose of our site! If you have a query or an issue, please contact us directly via the Contact page.


I am currently living in Somerset, enjoying my retirement and receipt of my state pension and running this OshoinUK site. I took sannyas in 1976, and spent time in Poona 1, Rajneeshpuram and Poona 2. I lived in the Osho Community at Croydon Hall Somerset for 12 years. Had a wonderful time this past winter going on “The Osho Footsteps Tour” in India with Avesh and Varsha. Also spent time at the Resort.


Currently living in Somerset, I support Amitabh running OshoinUK in which I am still very interested having started the original OshoinUk with Punya about 7 years ago. I took sannyas in 1972 and, at Osho’s request and with Shyam Singha’s help, opened the first Osho meditation centre in the west: the Nirvana Meditation Centre in Bell Street, London. I lived in Osho’s communes while he was alive and worked as an editor of his books, made his clothes and hats and did PR on the Ranch. I am now a writer – have published 2 books and am writing the third. www.3books.co.uk


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